Sale of plants

Design – Realization – Plant start-up – Personnel training – Continuous assistance by teams of operators specialized in maintenance interventions.

The impregnation plants are designed according to specific customer applications.

Maldaner Italia offers a range of systems that can satisfy all needs, from small to large series.

The machines can be totally automated and integrated into the production lines.

The sale or rental is preceded by an in-depth study by our specialized technicians who guarantee adequate advice to allow the customer to choose the system with the best price / performance ratio and characteristics best suited to your needs.

Sale of products

Maldaner Italia , in “collaboration” with the leading companies in the resin manufacturing sector, guarantees the distribution of the products with the best performance. All products marketed by Maldaner Italia are approved:
from car manufacturers to aeronautics, Gaz de France, the food industry, etc.
The products are available in the warehouse. The wide range of products allows to satisfy any type of request.

  • Impregnating resins – Impregnating resins are cross-linking mixtures based on methacrylic, mono and multifunctional monomers. Appearance: yellow, pale yellow, transparent.

  • Physical properties – Very low viscosity / Temperature resistance from -50 ° to -250 ° C / Excellent washability / Excellent chemical resistance to oils, hydrocarbons, coolants, gases, etc.

Resin technical sheets are available a downloads.


Belonging to an international group allows us to support customers across national borders.

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